Trip to Alappuzha, Kerala 2019

I have been to Kerala on an assignment with a friend. We stayed at native alappuzha home. We had good conversations over food, black tea, bananas, coconut water. We finished the assignment, we came back to Hyderabad with the feeling of we should go back to Alappuzha, Kerala again. God please give us an assignment to work in Kerala.



1 -IMG-02982 - IMG-03933 - IMG-03984 - IMG-03955 -IMG-03826 - 816BFE60-D6FF-4561-A5D3-1ADADA1D24487 - 7D12D837-C482-44C8-A432-0547B1558F7E8 - 72C81269-6E8A-4B83-BEC4-2D2A8F82B91D9 - IMG-034010 - IMG-033311 - 3C94F434-4AB2-4774-8F8B-245FA74AA5AA12 - IMG-0319

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