59 Portraits Project – 2016 Edition

59 Portraits Project started with one Question.

Do I know my surroundings?


Sharath worked on this 59 Portraits Project 2016 Edition for 59 days between 18th May 2016 to 15th July 2016. For him It was a great way of  learning Portraiture by practicing and understanding his surroundings.

Some people live miles and miles away from each other. Through these Portraits, made during casual encounters along the roads crisscrossing city streets,towns,villages he surfaces deeper observations about local geography and culture that someone across the world may not otherwise encounter.

 1. He came with his grand daughters to buy bangles at Lad Bazar,Charminar. I didn’t ask his name.
 2.His name is Laddu.He is our Neighbour. Banjara Hills,Hyderabad
3.His name is Peddulu. He is from Chintha Pally mandal,Nalgonda district. Yesterday morning he was selling Vepa pullalu at MNJ cancer hospital,Red hills,Hyderabad. His wife admitted to the hospital 3 days back and she is going to be discharged tomorrow.
4.Zameel and Gandhi are best friends. Mallepally,Hyderabad.
5. His name is Sayanna,he is our neighbor. he retired employee of public service commission. He greets Hi to every person on the street. Banjara hills,Hyderabad.
6.His name is Shyam,he works at vegetable market,Gudi malkapur,Hyderabad.
7.Narendher Goud Naguloori is a young film maker. This wasn’t planned. I am realizing many things during the process of working on this 59 portraits project. Mainly about how I am looking at surroundings.
8.Alone with his thoughts. At Mallepally,Hyderabad.
9.His name is Angudu, he is from Kurnool. He checks weight of potatoes and loads in to truck at Gudi malkapur vegetable market,Hyderabad.His name sounds new.
10. Mallesh and Shankar at Siddi amber bazar. They both are friends and they migrated to Hyderabad 20 years back for livelihood. They both work at Siddi Amber bazar,begum bazar and they transport books,papers on their Rickshaws.
11.. A friend is someone who fills our lives,
with beauty, joy and grace.
Uday,Siddharth and Vamshi.
Hockey ground,Masab tank,Hyderabad.

12. Laxman was sitting on a tree at Hockey ground, Masabtank and watching children’s play through the net. Masabtank,Hyderabad.

“Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you.”
― Ogden Nash



13. In previous post he was sitting on a tree. I want to capture Laxman’s Portrait closely.

“If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears. If I can see joy in your eyes then share with me your smile.”
― Santosh Kalwar


14. Raithu Bidda [Farmer’s Son] Nithin is a Fashion Designer and an Actor.
I like the feeling of being anonymous in a big city. No one knows me,so Its easier to remember who I am.
Ramanaidu studios,Hyderabad.
15.Dhanraj and Amul are best friends. They do Loading,unloading goods to trucks. When I met them at Lakdikapul Amul told me he had seen me 2 hours before at Nampally, oh good man.
16. When life is rough pray.
When life is great pray.
17. Shankar,he featured in earlier post with his friend Mallesh.
18. Meghana,Shivapriya before perini dance performance strts.

One of the highlights of cultural programmes in connection with State Formation Day celebrations on June 2 was Perini dance of Kakatiya period by 200 artistes at Lalita Kala Toranam,Nampally,Hyderabad. Director of Language&Culture Mamidi Harikrishna whose department organised the event.



19.Isonath Jadhav. — at Afzal Gunj.
20. Vijay,Arjun & Narsimha work at Gudi malkapur,they load potato bags in to truck at Gudimalkapur vegetable market,Hyderabad.
 21.Chegondi Chandrashekar,we all call him Chego,activist and film maker. Ramanaidu studios,Hyderabad.
 22. Jayaprakash telangana,an activist and film maker,who breathes,loves independent cinema.Ravindra Bharathi,Hyderabad.



23. His name Gaddam Venkata swamy. He is from Laxmidevipeta,Warangal district.. He is part of Chindu Yakshagana group,they performed at Tankbund as part of cultural programmes in connection with State Formation Day celebrations on June 2,in Hyderabad.

The moment I have seen him, I was ready to capture him,he immediately gave this expression a fraction of second before I press the shutter button.


24. That few seconds Strangeness between me and the person in this post.He looked strangely at me & camera I was holding.

The city is full of people like us. — at Ravindra Bharathi.

25. Make up artist at work. Lalitha kala thoranam,Nampally,Hyderabad.
26. Arun Chiluveru – Music Director.
I could’ve include fully the 3 people in this portrait. Ravindra bharathi,Hyderabad.
27. Gaddam Sudharshan is from Shayampet,Warangal district.He is part of Chindu Yakshagana group.
28. His name Miza hidayat baig.he lives at Kishan bagh. He was saying if you can walk two hours in a city,you can understand it by your heart. — at Afzal Gunj.
29. His name is Mehabub. he drives trolly auto for living.

30. Lithya and Kunsh.

“Children see magic because they look for it.”
― Christopher Moore, — at Road no 8,Banjara hills.

31. His Name is Shankar. He is from Ibrahimpatnam,Rangareddy district. He transports material on his Rickshaw. He was saying if there would be rains for this monsoon,I will go back to my village and do farming.
32. She is part of perini dance performance with 250 artistes held on 2nd June, Telangana state formation day in Hyderabad.
33. Mamidi Harikrishna, Director for Language & Culture department,Telangana state. He is the Revivalist behind bringing back our folk arts and traditional art forms to get performed at Ravindra bharathi regularly. — at Ravindra Bharathi.
34. He is Syed Ibrahim. He sells bags at Mecca masjid,Hyderabad.




35. Shyam Bandugula is a Filmmaker & Entrepreneur.

Shyam and Rahul Ramakrishna were talking to each other and they laughed at something which I didn’t notice. — at Ramanaidu Studios.

36. Bhrath Sayam is an Artist. Most of his depictions are savage, and there rarely is a moment of calm. Veering towards abstraction, yet very rooted in the figurative, Bharath’s art is a grim reminder of symbolism, strength and power. [ write up courtesy – saffron art ]


37. Imran sells Kidswear at Charminar.



38. Ajay is 3rd class student. The ball is curious like his eyes. — at PG College of Science, Saifabad.



39. His name is Kishtayya, he is a farmer. He is happy,it rained yesterday.
Medak district.



40. Latha and Chandrika are close friends.

There is no friend like someone who has known you since you were five. – source:internet


41. Durgaiah is a farmer at Nizampur village,Medak district.
meeting people like Durgaiah,Latha,Chandrika,Shiva,Peddulu and many more is like living those few seconds or minutes I spent at their place.

Grass is greener on his head. Duragaiah was carrying grass to cattles.

Counting days by posting Portraits is like wow what am I doing,that’s fine.I started this project to get out of my flat.





42. Mallikesh was playing cricket with his friends. — at PG College of Science, Saifabad.



43. His name is Manayya. He works as a agriculture labour.

One of the most distinguishing features of
the rural economy of India has been the growth
in the number of agricultural workers, cultivators
and agricultural labourers engaged in crop
production. The phenomena of under-
employment, under-development and surplus
population are simultaneously manifested in the
daily lives and living of the agricultural labourers.
They usually get low wages, conditions of work
put an excessive burden on them, and the
employment which they get is extremely irregular.
Agricultural workers constitute the most
neglected class in Indian rural structure. Their
income is low and employment irregular. -Dr. Kulamani Padhi

— at Sadashivapet, Medak, Telangana State.




44. Sana,Khaja were playing in a trolly auto and they wanted the cat which got locked inside. — at Tolichowki.




Chinna Venkaiah is a farmer.

“Farming is a profession of hope”
― Brian Brett
Happiness is farming when you have good rains.

— at Nizampur – song of the road.


46. Manasa,Akhila,Deppika are friends.

Akhila told rose plant in their backyard blossomed 3 flowers today morning.



47. Narsimlu is a Shepherd. — at Pragathi Nagar.



48. His name is Salman Khan.
I asked him what are the films you watched salman khan acted?
He said 2 films names. 1.Jodi banayenge 2.Prem ratan dhan payo.




49. His name is Pedda Venkaiah. He is a farmer. He was going to his cotton farm. I asked him how much your plants grow? He showed it with his hands. — at Nizampur-song of the road.50

50. Shiva,Ajay,Vinay & Jagadish are friends who always love to play after school hours.



51. Yesterday I couldn’t post,today I am posting one more portrait.
Ashok studying 5 th class at Mandala Parishat Primary school,Nizampur village.

He told he loves to come early to the school.



52. Rishi was playing all the time during shooting. — at Banjarahills Road No:10.


53. He is Yaseen sheik. I read his telugu book Haahaakaaralu.
ha ha ha ha ha ha super book.
amazing humor,amazing innocence & amazing interesting questions raised by Bujjigadu.
Haahaakaaralu is an amazing apt title and Mohan sir foreword is awesome. Shankar sir drawings are excellent.

Yaseen bhai was talking to Brahmam anna and Shankar sir.


54. His name is Shiva. He is studying 4th class at Mandala Parishat Primary school,Nizampur village.

When I saw him with his school bag.I reminded school days, I used to carry my school bag like this.


55.His name is Naresh. He works at a wine shop in Uppal,Hyderabad. He does part time jobs at Birthday parties & events by wearing mascots. He wear Mickey mouse mascot and greeted guests at a birthday party.


56. His name is Surya.
Whatever his grandparents ask him to not do or to do,he does the opposite.

He was screaming,
He was crying,
He was fighting with cousins for a baloon,
He was laughing. may be thats the magic of childhood. I am not showing his emotions in this portrait.




57. He is Bikshapathi. He is working for Hyderabad Metro Rail at Begumpet. He is from Nalgonda district. He works daily 12 hours at site.




58. She was laughing at Magic show at a birthday party.



59. 59 Portraits Project.
Concluding with multifaceted John Kottoly.

His performance is still in my mind – cafe,bus stand scene from The Journey short film.

It was an amazing day, we came acros #cloudyweather #greengrass #autwallah #shepehrd #narsimlu #rocks #morning #landscape #wind #cradle #tree — with John Kottoly.

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